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2023 World Day for Safety and Health at Work + GRIPPS Drop Prevention Tips

by Adam Green 28 Apr 2023
As we celebrate today World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28th, GRIPPS recognize the importance of workplace safety and would like to offer some tips and suggestions related to dropped object prevention and tool tethering that workplaces should consider.

According to Safework Australia, 9% of all 2021 worker fatalities in Australia were caused by being hit by falling objects. [1] It is imperative for employers to take dropped object prevention seriously.

World Day for Safety and Health At Work GRIPPS

Tips for improving worksite safety related to dropped objects:

Conduct a Risk Assessment:

It is crucial to identify potential hazards in the workplace that could lead to dropped objects. A risk assessment can help identify these hazards and implement appropriate control measures.

Use the Right Tools and Equipment:

Ensure that workers are equipped with the right tools and equipment, including tool tethering systems, to reduce the risk of dropped objects. 

Secure all Objects:

All objects should be securely fastened to prevent them from falling. Ensure that all equipment is inspected and maintained regularly to avoid failure.GRIPPS offers a unique range of encapsulation devices as well as premium tool tethers. 

Implement Safety Nets and Barriers:

Safety nets and barriers can be installed as an additional measure to prevent falling objects from causing injury.

Train Employees:

It is essential to train employees on the importance of dropped object prevention and tool tethering. Proper training can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. GRIPPS offers both face-to-face and online training solutions for tool tethering and dropped object prevention.

Arrange an External Worksite Audit:

One of the main advantages of using an external body or company for a worksite tool tethering audit is the impartiality and expertise they bring to the process. External auditors are independent of the organisation being audited, which helps ensure an objective evaluation of the tethering procedures and equipment. GRIPPS offer worksite audits as a service. Our team members bring a wealth of experience and knowledge on best practices for tethering tools and ensuring worksite safety, which can provide valuable insights and recommendations for improvement. 

EWP worker at height

At GRIPPS, we are committed to providing tool drop prevention solutions that help people in every industry work at heights smarter and safer. Our premium safety gear is your first line of defence in a dropped object incident. Chat with our drop prevention consultants for advice on how GRIPPS can help solve your dropped object incident challenges or issues.

On this World Day for Safety and Health at Work, let us all work together to create a safe and healthy working environment for all.



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