GRIPPS ‘Mule Bag’ - The most versatile tool bag for working at height

Thousands of tradeswomen and tradesmen work at heights every day across the world, using a wide array of tools with each tool having unique requirements for tool tethering. If you're working in environments such as commercial or civil construction, power generation, gas plants, oil refineries or mining there is a good chance that you need to carry tools frequently at height. With dropped objects frequently being a cause of critical issues on worksites around the globe, selecting the right tool bag for working at is essential for all workers.

Working at height can involve lifting heavy tools up/down stairs, carrying tools whilst climbing ladders, and moving between worksites – all very challenging work. If you want to be both safe and comfortable with your tools when at height, then you need a reliable and safe tool bag to get the job done right.

With safety, longevity and practicality in mind, GRIPPS created the ‘Mule Bag’ a multipurpose load-rated, lifting and tool bag specially designed for workers at height.


What is the 'Mule Bag' and why was it created? 


The super comfortable ‘Mule Bag’ is designed to keep your tools safe while working at height. It boasts a great selection of features that include, but are not limited to; comfortable shoulder straps for transportation, a secure enclosure for lifting, 80KG/176LBS max load and a multitude of anchor points to anchor your tool tethers/tool lanyards.

The GRIPPS ‘Mule Bag’ was created due to the dire need to give workers at height a safe, large and highly durable solution for storing their tools. GRIPPS understood the demands of industrial work at height and engineered a premium bag for workers at a height that would maximise storage and comfort during transport.


The heavy-duty materials used in the Mule Bag ensure durability and longevity in harsh industrial conditions such as construction, mining or shutdowns. It is robust and durable to ensure that nothing gets damaged during storage, transportation, or being used for lifting purposes.

It is also designed to be the best tool tethering bag as well. Here's how:


How was the 'Mule Bag' designed to be the best tool tethering bag? 

Designed in Australia, the ‘Mule Bag’ is perfect for tool tethering containing D-Ring tether points on both the interior and exterior of the bag, plus internal pockets for tool organisation. Truly a unique tethering system, this bag is GRIPPS’ ultimate tethering system tool bag for working at height due to the robust durability of its design.

Including a strong composite base insert to protect against punctures, heavy-duty tool sleeves, reinforced straps and armoured insert protection for wearing the bag, the ‘Mule Bag’ can withstand the elements or everything that trade work throws at it.

With the ability to easily carry the ‘Mule Bag’ in a backpack style (thanks to two large comfortable shoulder straps) you’ll be the envy of any colleagues who still carry their tools in paint buckets!  

It is designed to cover and carry all your tools while keeping them safe from dust and moisture and contains a large lockable lid for lifting and transport safety. Top-quality materials and a thick base make this product durable and sturdy, ensuring that your tools stay in place too.


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When it comes to lifting, two load-rated straps are located on top of the bag, which permits easy connection to a crane or other lifting device. With a whopping 80KG/176lbs max load you can rest assured you can contain a substantial number of tools. Mounting the bag while at height on rails, scaffold EWPs is no challenge too thanks to the in-built EWP straps.

The Mule Bag is a mobile workstation, keeping your tools secure while your hands are free and your workspace is clear. The outside pockets and pouches allow you to keep supplies close by. Two heavy-tool sleeves on the outside of the bag feature large capacity compartments for larger tools such as wrenches, while twin heavy-tool sleeves on the inside keep all of your tools organized.


An additional work belt (sold separately) can be added for extra support while transporting.

The bag is also designed with a width compatible with standard ladder cages too, though, for a similar but even smaller style backpack, GRIPPS offer the ‘Mule Tool Backpack' (the ‘Mule Bag’ baby brother).

Conclusion of GRIPPS ‘Mule Bag’:

In summary, the GRIPPS ‘Mule Bag’ stacks up against the competition with its rugged build and customizable storage options. If you are looking for a tough, lightweight, versatile bag that combines storage, organization, and usability, then the Mule Bag is just the product you are looking for! Industrial workers at height or HSE supervisors, look no further for an ultimate tough & safe tool bag.