Gripps Tethering Station: A Safe Solution to Prevent Falling Objects for EWP operation

As recognised by SafeWork Australia, 'under W.H.S. laws, various persons have duties to control the risks of working with EWPs,' which is not just limited to the EWP operator ( There are many potential hazards related to using EWP or MEWP devices, including power lines, nearby structures, restricted work areas, and falling objects, to name a few. In such a dangerous line of work, following the relevant laws and operational instructions and implementing safety strategies are integral. The GRIPPS Tethering Station is an excellent mobile tethering workstation ideal for EWP operators to use when working at height that adds convince and improved safety measures.  

What is the Gripps G.T.S.? 

The G.T.S. (SKU H01147) is a mobile tethering workstation with a wide array of pockets and anchor points for tethering tools on a worksite. With eyelets and Velcro straps for mounting to rails, it makes a sound choice for confined spaces (such as EWP work). 
GRIPPS Tethering Station - SKU: 

How does the Gripps G.T.S. prevent dropped objects? 

The GRIPPS Tethering Station allows EWP operators to keep their tools neatly stored and secured when not in use, making it impossible for a tool to become a dropped object that could injure bystanders. With storage for up to 25 or 20 (depending on the model) tools, workers have plenty of storage capacity. Tools such as hammers, drills, screwdrivers or pliers are easily fitted to the GRIPPS Tethering Station. SafeWork Australia highlight that EWP work requires four key steps to risk management. One of these steps includes 'control risks'. SafeWork Australia outlines that workers should 'implement the most effective control measure that is reasonably practicable' for control risk management. With that in mind, the GRIPPS G.T.S. acts as a control risk as workers can have a defined location to anchor tools and keep their working space tidy.  
Keep tools off the ground. 

With such limited space to work in when using an EWP, the ideal scenario for operators is an empty EWP floor that permits only room for a footswitch. The GRIPPS G.T.S. will allow all tools to be placed in front of the EWP operator, giving excellent visibility and bringing tools closer to waist height.  
GTS with tools tethered by GRIPPS

Conformity to Conforms to ANSI/ISEA 121-2018

The globally recognised standard for drop prevention is the ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 (at the current time of writing this). This standard sets a benchmark for safety equipment and how it should perform concerning drop tests. The GRIPPS Tethering Station complies with these standards, and wherever possible, EWP workers should utilise tool tethers and other drop prevention equipment that adheres to this standard. Doing so ensures optimal safety standards are being met and will give users added peace of mind.  

Re-use job-to-job 

Using the three Velcro rear straps, rapidly attach the G.T.S. to any standard rail and secure by tying a rope (or similar) through the four eyelets to your chosen EWP basket, scaffold tube or handrail. Within moments users can untie, rip the Velcro open and remove the G.T.S. as needed. 

Avoid flex with heavy-duty canvas. 

Durability and longevity for your tools and safety equipment are always essential for EWP workers. This extra heavy-duty 26oz. Canvas material used to construct each GRIPPS Tethering Station is ideal. Strong winds won't be a concern for causing flex in your setup, as the G.T.S is very rigid. 

EWP work can be dangerous and requires significant attention to safety to ensure that no worker or bystander gets injured as a result of the work carried out. Although there are many factors to consider for EWP safety, we hope this blog helps bring attention to the importance of drop prevention and how to minimise risk with your tools when operating an EWP or MEWP. For the complete 'Guide to managing the risks of elevating work platforms' by SafeWork Australia visit here. You can learn more about the GRIPPS Tether Station at this link here.