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What difference does a good quality brickies trowel make? That’s like asking a musician what difference a great instrument makes. There’s no comparison to cheap imitations. This is a tool that you’re using day in and day out and you need one that’s not just going to last, you want one that’s comfortable, and is the right shape for the job you’re doing and is the right size so you’re not picking up too much mud and straining your wrist over and over again. Trowels are the spinal cord of bricklaying. You can’t do much without them. In fact, there so important that we wrote an entire article on how to pick the right one for you called, “Bricklaying Trowels: The Best Brick Trowels of 2021 Still has great trowels for 2022!

So here’s the thing, you don’t want just any old trowel. You want forged steel like the W.Rose Brick Trowel – 13” London Pattern, Soft Grip Handle with heat tempered blades and a specially balanced shank to reduce wrist fatigue. Or the Marshalltown Brick Trowel – 12” Philadelphia Pattern, Soft Grip with fingerguard that’s forged from a single piece of high carbon steel? Choose wisely and choose well as these bricklaying trowels will become part of the family.

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