Needing to train your team in drop prevention and tool tethering to minimise incidents on site? Let a GRIPPS consultant visit your team to provide a clear and practical training session on-site where your team can walk away with the knowledge they require.

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Our Drop Prevention Consultant Comes To You

Let your team be trained up by an expert in the field of tool tethering and drop prevention. Our specialists understand your trade and can show best-in-practice safety measures for how to tool tether effectively.

Training On Site

Minimise downtime and eliminate logistics by having your own tailored half-day or full-day training session at your place of operation.

We can tailor a solution to meet your needs

We understand that companies in industrial trades need to minimise downtime with staff. We can tailor training between half-day, full-day or multiple sessions as needed to suit your workers.

Your workers will receive the knowledge they need

GRIPPS have continually refined our content to ensure that any worker, even without prior knowledge can understand why tool tethering when working at height is essential and how to implement best practice for effective tool tethering.

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